Bursary Program

Have you felt discouraged and lose confidence and become frustrated due to poor grades in school ? Our purpose of setting up the Bursary program in Jun-2010, is to encourage students from low-income families, who have put effort and hard work into their studies. As a result of this, improvement is seen on their results, behaviour and conduct.

ICA partners with government subsidized local schools to promote academic excellence and behavioral improvement. Manna wants to bring encouragement to students who are willing to work hard and give them recognition and family pride. Each year, 150 students received such bursary awards.

Bursary Program

1 primary and 2 secondary schools have joined our program. Each student receives a $300 coupon to buy books and above all a certificate to give them recognition.

Madam Betty Yan Memorial Scholarship

To the student of choice selected by the school from those who receive the Bursary award, we will have a special acknowledgement – The Madam Betty Yan Memorial Scholarship, including a $500 sports voucher and a $1500 voucher for bookstore.

Schools No. Bursary Award
(HK$ 300 each) 
No. Madam Betty Yan Memorial
Scholarship (HK$ 2000 each)
Chan’s Creative School 30 3
United Christian College 2 6 (HK$ 1000 each)