Food Subsidy

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Manna started monthly food distribution in 2009 and today we distribute over 450 packs of food monthly. Rice, noodles, soup packs, food cans, and biscuits are the main items that we distribute. Occasionally, we receive donations of food in large quantities. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to Manna.

Since April 2013, Manna Ministry started the distribution of rice boxes in North Point. We distribute rice boxes to the single elderly, homeless and low income families. Since Dec-2014, a new service was started for the elderlies who come to collect our rice box on every Tuesday. The weekly service is held at 4:30 pm and there are around 100 people joining us..

Originally from 30 boxes, it has now increased to 300 boxes per week, and we have even moved those we serve from the street to our premises in Java Road, where we can have fellowship with them. From this, we know that the hope of having just a simple box of warm meal and that someone is caring for them is so important. Today, our meal box distribution has expanded to other locations in Hong Kong.