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Have you ever thought about living alone when you are old and you have no family or friend and no one cares about your well-being.

From 2009, Manna volunteers visit elderlies monthly to show our love and care for them, and to bring them the joy that comes from Jesus. Over the past 6 years, we are so encouraged to see the close relationships we have with these lonely elderlies.

What we do :

  • show that we care and pray with them for their needs
  • give them a love gift on each unit we visit – which includes noodles, food cans, biscuits, soup pack, etc.
  • whenever possible, help them if they need advice on public housing and social benefits application etc.
  • introduce them to other elderlies
  • take them out for a meal during festive seasons and birthdays
  • encourage them to draw closer to God who can be with them all the time and give them peace.



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